Keeping You Safe is Our Prioirty

Welcome Mended Little Hearts Members

American Medical ID is pleased to offer Mended Little Hearts members a 10 percent discount on all American Medical IDs and accessories. American Medical ID will also contribute 10 percent of sales of any American Medical ID product generated by Mended Little Hearts members to Mended Little Hearts. Together, we aim to increase awareness of the importance of those living with heart disease to wear medical IDs.

Why is a Medical ID important?

Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals recommend wearing a medical ID bracelet or medical alert necklace for those who have chronic conditions.

In an emergency situation, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID bracelet or necklace speaks for you. A medical ID can quickly communicate your name, condition, allergies, and medications. Often people choose to also include an emergency contact and telephone number so that a loved one quickly knows what is happening and where they need to be.


If you are looking for an adjustable ID, we recommend our Stainless Steel Bracelet. The curb style chain allows for links to be removed and added as your child grows. The Action bracelets are adjustable to fit wrists as small as 5 ½” and are completely waterproof. A necklace is a great choice for kids because the size won’t change as often. Our Heart Charm, Classic, Pendant and Dog Tag necklaces are ideal selections.

A Medical ID Discount.

Take advantage of this discount offer and support Mended Hearts. Code "MLH" will appear in the Promotional Code area at the end of your checkout. Please note that your 10 percent discount will not appear until the final checkout page.