• Sterling Silver Medical ID Bracelets

    "The bracelet is just as described and very attractive on my small wrist. I was pleasantly surprised!"

    - Barbara S.

    Sterling Silver IDs
  • Mens Medical ID Bracelets

    "I have owned the 10 Kt Gold-Filled Classic Bracelet, Curb Chain with the Lobster Clasp for 10 years. The current order represents the third generation of medical ID bracelets for me. I never take the bracelet off."

    - Richard J.

    Men's Bracelets
  • Dog Tag Medical ID Jewelry

    "Exactly what I wanted. Good weight, comfortable to wear and quality made."

    - Steve W.

    Dog Tag IDs
  • Kids Medical ID Bracelets

    "It's been highly durable through my rock climbing and is comfortable enough to wear everyday. I like it a lot!"

    - Anna L.

    Kids and Teen IDs
  • Interchangeable Bead Medical Ids

    "Besides the way it looks, I feel protected every time I look at it. That's a bargain!"

    -Shell K.

    Women's Bracelets
  • Why An ID is Critical

    Medical IDs are a simple and practical way to communicate important information to first responders in a medical emergency.

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  • How to choose an ID

    Questions to ask yourself while browsing: Where should I wear it; how durable is it; and how much space do I need for engraving?

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  • Engraving Help

    We've helped thousands of customers include the necessary information on their ID that medical professionals require.

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