Free Medical IDs for Veterans

Medical IDs are suggested for veterans who have chronic conditions including diabetes, food or drug allergies, heart conditions, PTSD, dementia, or suffer from injuries including embedded metal fragments.

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Starting an Order

  • The doctor who determines that the veteran’s conditions/medications warrant the need for a medical ID initiates the order.
  • The doctor submits the order to a Purchasing Agent in the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service to handle communication/payment with American Medical ID.

Completing an Order

  • Clearly distinguish the veteran’s shipping address from the VA billing address.
  • Indicate what is to be engraved on the front and/or back of the medical ID selected.
  • Indicate bracelet or necklace length and color when appropriate.

Submitting an Order

Fax to 713.695.7358

  • The Purchasing Agent sends the order through American Medical ID’s secure fax line: 713.695.7358
  • There is no need for a fax cover sheet
  • Upon input into the system, American Medical ID generates a unique fax confirmation for each individual purchase order

Available Medical ID Styles

All IDs pictured to the right are eligible for the program.

  1. Stainless Steel Classic Necklace Red
  2. Stainless Steel Premier Necklace
  3. Stainless Steel Dog Tag Blue
  4. Titanium Dog Tag Black
  5. Stainless Steel Classic Bracelet
  6. Stainless Steel Premier Bracelet Red
  7. Stainless Steel Small Sportband Flex Red Outline
  8. Stainless Steel Large Silicone Flex

Pricing Information

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