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Medical IDs are a critical tool to ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment for Veterans living with chronic medical conditions or those who suffer from injuries. In accordance, VA policy states that a custom engraved medical ID bracelet, pendant or dog tag will be provided for qualifying Veteran patients. American Medical ID supports this initiative and is actively working with the VA to fulfill these orders.

For VA Clinicians and Veterans
In an emergency, wearing a medical ID allows responders and health professionals to provide the best care our Veterans deserve. Below please find helpful information to learn more about this process. Click here to download a flyer to take to your next VA appointment.

Steps to Obtain a Medical ID:


Step 1

VA Clinician qualifies a veteran based on medical condition(s)


Step 2

VA Clinician submits electronic consult to Prosthetics


Step 3

Prosthetics places order with American Medical ID

VA Clinicians


Click here for samples and

medical ID forms for your clinic.

Informational Video