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My Interactive Health Record™

My Interactive Health Record (MyIHR®) is an online health record that you update and maintain with your vital medical conditions, allergies, medications, documents, emergency contacts and more.


The perfect complement to your medical ID, MyIHR can be easily accessed at any time whether you need to recall important information during doctors’ appointments or during a medical emergency. 


Your MyIHR read-only profile can be reached through a unique link engraved on your medical ID or by scanning a QR Code Wallet card.

MyIHR Engraving

Engrave MyIHR to Include Info That Can’t Fit on Your Medical ID

MyIHR Online Profile

24/7 Access to Your Profile



To provide you quick and convenient access to your medical details and provide the best possible care, your Interactive Health Record is available to you and Emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via the website and phone.


Update your conditions as they change so that emergency medical responders can give you the right care when you need it most.


Your medications may change; MyIHR makes it easy for you to keep your medication information readily accessible at all times.


The severity of an allergic reaction may vary from one person to the next, but in an emergency, your allergies are “Need to Know” information.

Important Documents


Upload important medical documents like EKGs, MRIs and information about pacemakers or clinical trials.

My History

MyIHR makes it easy for you to keep a current, personal health history. In an emergency, information on past health events may help you receive the proper care.

Family History

Many health concerns occur as a result of family genetics. MyIHR provides a simple solution for keeping a record of your family’s health history.


Who do you want contacted during a medical emergency? Having multiple family and friend contacts will ensure that your loved ones are aware of the emergency situation.


Making this information easily accessible in an emergency will help your loved ones focus more on you and less on paperwork.


MyIHR Access Card

Emergency QR Medical Wallet Card Included



Scan the QR Code Wallet Card for quick access to your health record. Or use during a medical emergency. 24/7 emergency support hotline is also included.

“MyIHR has been so helpful, as I am the primary caregiver for my 95-year-old father. He has multiple medical conditions and sees several doctors. I love that I can easily scan and access all important information during appointments.”  John P., Rockport, TX



How to Purchase MyIHR®

You can either purchase MyIHR by adding MyIHR engraving to any eligible engravable medical ID or purchase the MyIHR Access Wallet Card. Both ways are a great way to have access to your online medical profile.



  • Is My Interactive Health Record (MyIHR) right for me?

    A few examples of individuals who should be utilizing the Interactive Health Record are:

    • Anyone with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, neurological disorders, memory impairment or communication difficulty.
    • Persons who have complicated medical conditions, multiple allergies or medications too numerous to engrave on the limited space of a medical ID.
    • Individuals whose medical information is subject to change from time to time.
    • Frequent travelers. Accidents happen while traveling and MyIHR provides access to your important medical history.
    • Those who prefer not to (or refuse to) wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace.
    • Anyone who might have difficulty explaining their medical condition whenever medical personnel or family members, who would normally speak for them, are not present or available.
    • Those seeking a place to keep important information and documents which can be easily viewed in an emergency.

  • I already wear a medical ID. Why should I have an Interactive Health Record?

    Wearing a medical ID is an excellent means of conveying important medical facts and still the best way to communicate your most critical health information to caregivers in an emergency. Maintaining an Interactive Health Record is a superb complement to wearing an ID. It allows for more in-depth descriptions of medical information, complete lists of medications or allergies, multiple emergency contacts, phone numbers, key document storage, etc.

  • Who will have access to my health record?

    Anyone who has your access code information will be able to view your health record. This information is engraved on your MyIHR medical ID or available on your QR Code Wallet Card so that emergency personnel can easily access your medical information and provide you with the right care for your needs.

    We do not recommend including information that can be used in identity theft. Do not include SSN or credit card information.

  • Will my medical information be kept private?

    A primary value of the Interactive Health Record is to have your important medical information easily accessible at a time when you are unable to communicate and your doctor(s) or family members are not around.

    With this in mind, while unlikely, it is possible that someone other than a medical professional might one day see your file without your authorization. Highly confidential, potentially embarrassing or other information you do not wish to be revealed under any circumstance should not be placed onto your Interactive Health Record. The best use of your file in these cases is to instruct the viewer who to contact, or where to go in order to obtain the sensitive documents or information.

  • What does it cost to have an Interactive Health record?

    MyIHR is only available through the purchase of a compatible medical ID or a MyIHR Wallet Card. The cost varies based upon the compatible product you choose. There are no annual fees or renewal charges associated with MyIHR.

  • My doctor or emergency personnel needs to access my file.

    If a medical professional needs to access your file, simply select “Share Profile” from within your profile and provide the email address where you want your MyIHR information sent.

    Alternatively, tell them to visit and enter your unique code into the Emergency Response Access. They can also access the profile by calling our 24 hour Toll Free Assistance line.

  • I am having technical problems.

    For MyIHR technical issues: US and Canada, please call 1-800-363-5985 during regular business hours; UK, 0800 055 6855; Australia, 1800 917 014.

  • I have a general question about MyIHR.

    If you have general questions or comments regarding MyIHR, please visit our contact us page.

  • How do I buy MyIHR?

    You may purchase MyIHR during the medical ID purchasing process or by purchasing the MyIHR Access Wallet Card.