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Medical Conditions that Require a Medical ID

Physicians and healthcare organizations around the world recommend medical IDs for people living with one or more medical conditions. Wearing a medical ID at all times offers peace of mind and reassurance that in an emergency, responders are alerted to your medical condition or history.

95% of emergency responders check for medical identification around the wrist and/or neck. A person's medical condition is one of the most vital pieces of information required for immediate and accurate treatment. Wearing a medical ID can help prevent misdiagnosis, unwanted drug interaction, and treatments that can pose risk to a patient’s medical condition.

Check the dropdown table on the right to see if you have any one of these medical conditions. If the answer is yes, we hope that you choose the right medical ID for your safety, well-being and peace of mind.

What is a medical alert bracelet?

A medical alert bracelet contains your unique medical information on your wrist, such as conditions, allergies, medication, and more. In the event of an emergency, first responders are trained to search their patient’s wrist and neck for a medical ID bracelet or necklace that contains relevant medical information.


What are medical bracelets used for?

Medical bracelets are used to protect yourself in an emergency by providing accurate and relevant health information to first responders and medical personnel. A medical ID bracelet or necklace can advocate for you when you are incapacitated or unable to explain all your medical details in an emergency.


Who should wear a medical alert bracelet?

Medical alert bracelets are recommended if you are living with one or more medical conditions, allergies, medications, or medical instructions needed in an emergency. Wearing a medical ID bracelet is also for people who may be unable to articulate their medical information, such as children and those with autism or other intellectual disabilities.


When should you wear a medical alert bracelet?

A medical alert bracelet should be always worn unless you are provided different instructions by your healthcare advisor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a rule for which wrist to wear a medical bracelet on?

No, either wrist is ok to wear a medical bracelet on. Medical professionals are trained to check both wrists for medical ID bracelets.

Do I need a medical ID bracelet or is it just a “nice to have”?

If you or a loved one has a medical condition, allergy, or medication that can complicate your medical treatment in an emergency (drug interactions or misdiagnoses), it is recommended to always wear your medical ID bracelet or necklace.

Can I use a medical alert bracelet for multiple conditions?

Yes, you can use a medical alert bracelet for multiple conditions. List your most important information first to prioritize the instructions to a first responder/medical professional.

Are medical alert bracelets worth it?

Since 1994, we’ve seen countless customers benefit from wearing medical alert bracelets to protect themselves or a loved one during an emergency. Browse our customer stories to read their testimonies.


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