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Penicillin Allergy Bracelet

Medical Allergy Bracelets & Necklaces: Adult & Kids IDs

Allergies, for most, are mere annoyances, yet for others they can be life threatening, this is why experts recommended that items like medical allergy bracelets are worn. It is always a good idea to be very specific in identifying allergies when engraving your allergy alert bracelet. The most serious allergic reaction is known as Anaphylaxis.

Why Medical Allergy Bracelets are Important

An allergy alert bracelet is not just to inform anyone about the wearer's health status, but also to alert people, such as rescuers, first-aid staff and medical professionals of the appropriate action to perform when the wearer is involved in an emergency.

The Information on an Allergy Bracelet can Save a Life

Anaphylaxis is an acute allergic reaction which affects the whole body and requires immediate medical attention. Many people who are severely allergic to something may have this reaction. Symptoms include anxiety, itching of the skin, headache, nausea and vomiting, sneezing and coughing, abdominal cramps, hives and swelling of tissues such as lips and joints, diarrhea, shortness of breath and wheezing, low blood pressure, convulsions, and loss of consciousness. A quick, decisive epinephrine injection can literally be a life-saver in the case of exposure to an allergen that has previously caused an anaphylactic reaction.

Allergens You may Include on an Allergy ID Bracelet:

  • Shellfish
  • Drugs, such as penicillin
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Wheat
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Soy

What to Put on an Allergy Alert Jewelry

A medical alert bracelet for allergies should also include the following:

  • Note if the use of an Epipen is required
  • Any emergency procedures that should be followed. For example, if Benadryl should be given.
  • Be sure to include at least one emergency contact number (more if possible). This should be where you or someone who knows about the condition can be reached.
  • And always, ask your doctor or healthcare provider for specific information to have engraved on the bracelet.

Can you use medical alert bracelets for multiple allergies?

Yes, you can certainly add multiple allergies to your medical alert bracelet or necklace. List your allergies in order of importance to help a first responder prioritize in the case of an emergency.

Other Considerations for Your Allergy ID Bracelet or Necklace

Kids Allergy Wristband/Necklace Guidance

Allergies are especially problematic for young children. Medical id alert bracelets serve as a reminder to other adults as to what foods not to give your child. It is a good idea to help make adults aware of the allergens which may trigger a reaction in your child by engraving the allergies on the front side of the bracelet where it is easily seen.

Nickel Metal Allergy: Use of Hypoallergenic Nickel-free Medical Alert Bracelets

Some people may be allergic to nickel - the same metal that is used to make many medical id bracelets. However, stainless steel bracelets are hypoallergenic, even for those with a nickel allergy.

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