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How our Medical IDs Help Customers in Emergencies

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Learn how American Medical ID helps our brave customers in emergencies and other difficult situations. Wearing our medical alert IDs help them feel safe, enjoy life, and achieve peace of mind. These real-life testimonials make our team very proud of the work that we do, especially if it means improving and saving our customer's lives - one bracelet at a time.

Be inspired by reading their testimonies or tell us your own American Medical ID story too.


Oliver "Ollie” Hybert

"Oliver 'Ollie' Gray Hybert was born in February of 2021 and by all appearances, he was a healthy little boy. During a routine check-in two days after birth, Ollie had slightly lower oxygen levels than expected and they continued to drop so we were sent to the ER. After tests were run, we were told that Ollie had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He essentially only had half of a functioning heart and needed to be in the NICU. After a few days, we were transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Denver and Ollie had his first of at least three open-heart surgeries.

It wasn’t until 62 days later that Ollie was brought home. After several weeks, he seemed to be thriving; only for us to end up back in the hospital due to low oxygen levels and in early June of 2021, he underwent his second open-heart surgery. Since then, he has been thriving; working with physical, occupational and speech therapists to catch up on developmental milestones. He’s walking, running, and learning to talk. Ollie will have at least one more open-heart surgery in the next year or two. These surgeries do not fix the fact that he has half of a heart and has lower than normal oxygen saturation levels at 83-86. For context, normal oxygenation is 95+.

Ollie wears his medical ID bracelet so that paramedics know he is a cardiac patient with different oxygen needs. He is also on several daily medications, including daily aspirin, that are all crucial for medical professionals to know in an emergency. Having his medical ID will ensure he receives the appropriate care if we were unable to articulate his medical history.

At some point, Oliver's heart will fail. It may be next month; it may be in 40 years. We have no idea when that will happen. When it does, the next step would be a transplant. Right now, that is the only available option. We are extremely hopeful that research and medical advances will offer more options before then. For now, Ollie has half a heart, but we fight with all of ours for him. Ollie proudly wears his medical ID so that in an emergency, paramedics helping him know that he is a cardiac patient."

Emily Gelbart

"Food has always been a friend to me. Food allows me to explore cultures and connect with new people. Food nourishes me and gives me the energy I need throughout the day. I never thought I would find a day where food and I would not be friends. That was until I was diagnosed with four major food allergies. 

After years of gastrointestinal issues, and a decline in my overall health, I was diagnosed with severe food allergies to dairy, rice, yeast, and peanuts. This was at the age of 24 less than a year ago. I came from a household that was very aware of and accommodating to food allergies. I saw my sister get diagnosed with celiac when we were both young. I knew there were alternative food options, but this was still a major lifestyle change for me. I loved exploring different cuisines and restaurants and felt that everything was now unsafe. My body had become something I did not recognize or felt comfortable in anymore. 

My sister mentioned she had a Medical ID bracelet for emergencies as her food allergies have become worse over the years. I thought that maybe getting a bracelet would be helpful. I cannot believe how much this one item has changed my life. I was nervous about advocating for myself at restaurants or when I was out with friends managing these new allergies. Now that I have this bracelet, I can easily take this accessory off to show medical, restaurant, and professional staff my food allergies. It allows me to communicate my needs easily and keeps me safe. I feel more at ease with the bracelet on in case I ever end up in a medical emergency or need to explain my food restrictions. 

Now, I have the opportunity to challenge myself as my own personal baker and chef. My kitchen is a place where I can experiment with and continue to learn about food. Eating out and hanging out with people is easier now too because I can advocate for myself. I cannot believe one small piece of jewelry could make me feel so confident, understood, and safe. I am grateful for my Medical ID tag because it allows me to be me and find my old friend within food again."

Laurel B

"I wear my medical ID bracelet because I have Dysautonomia. It comes in handy when I pass out at physical therapy, or I’m getting infusions, and the care team needs to know what’s going on. I can wear it at all times so that no matter what I’m doing, I have that layer of safety. And when I’m not able to speak for myself because I’m having an episode, others can find the information they need to help me."

Dafna Fink

"I have left temporal lobe epilepsy, as well as numerous autoimmune diseases. When I have a seizure, I often can't get words out. When I was hit by a van while stopped in my car at a red light, my head hit the windshield from the force. That caused a seizure. The medics were able to know and understand my health issues by accessing my health information via my medical bracelet."

Christopher Vennemann

"In April of this year my 5-year old son, Chance, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1986 when I was 9, ever since then I have worn a Medic Alert bracelet of some sort. So, when Chance was diagnosed, we came home from the doctor’s office, went to your website and started scrolling through all the options. We settled on the multi colored silicon changeable bracelet with a black metal ID. I got a matching one for myself so that we could make a game out of it. Whenever Chance has to change his CGM (continuous glucose monitor) we also swap out our bracelet band for the new color until the next time, when we will pick another color. It’s just a little way to make diabetes a little more fun to treat. I am sure one day he will grow out of it, but for now, it makes him smile when he picks the new colors that we get to wear."

Bionic Tilly

"American Medical ID has helped in many ways in my life. It's saved my life for many reasons especially when I’m working and become unconscious and unable to talk.

Thank God for American Medical ID for saving me from dying. I really appreciate it."

Melissa Harpring

"I feel strongly that my American Medical ID bracelet will possibly save my life one day. I have a very serious blood clotting disorder that requires me to be on Xarelto for the rest of my life. Emergency personnel must know of my bleeding problems in the event of a dire situation. Thank you, American Medical ID, for providing lifesaving items for all of those who need them."

Darla Meister

"My medical ID is peace of mind to me. I have had diabetes for over 20 years and never had a bracelet to wear that had all my information on it. I just recently had bariatric surgery and was able to add that to it as well. Having a medical bracelet has really lessened my anxiety around being out in public alone. I have always worried that something would happen and the EMTs would not know my medical conditions. Now I can go out with confidence because I always have my bracelet on."

Robbie Mitchel

"My son is allergic to Demerol and a very difficult IV access. I put the info on the bracelet, along with my name and contact info. He has been in and out of the hospital many times in the last couple of years. The "American Medical ID" bracelet has saved him. When he goes into the hospital or has a procedure done, they see his ID and calls an IV therapist in. This has saved him from getting poked several times. On one occasion, he was poked 13 times by different nurses sure that they can get a vein. Now it's just one poke by an expert and my son is relieved. Thank you. American Medical ID's bracelet has been a life saver for my son. Thank you."

Mallory Weedman

"When my son got diagnosed a year ago with an extremely rare syndrome (Allgrove Syndrome) we knew we would need something to speak for him if he couldn't so we got him a medical I.d. bracelet right away. It has become part of Kale and we are thankful for it and it really does give me some peace of mind when I am not with him!"

Tanya English

"American Medical ID has helped in many ways in my life. It's saved my life for many reasons especially when I’m working and become unconscious and unable to talk. Thank God for American Medical ID for saving me from dying. I really appreciate it."

Leah Mugford

"My 18 month old daughter has a peanut allergy. I purchased a medical ID bracelet so that she can have an extra layer of protection when we send her to nursery or to a friend's house. The ID bracelet really helps me feel safer and gives those caring for her a quick reminder of her allergy before she eats anything. Thank you for this peace of mind!"

Hannah Danielle

"My medical ID keeps me safe from being mistreated in case of an emergency where I may not be able to advocate for myself, medically. My friends will know what to do and tell paramedics/doctors if something happens!"


"At the clinic rocking my medical ID. It’s important to have the transplant team contacted prior to receiving any emergency medical treatment that may include medicine. Anti-rejection medicines rule your world post-transplant. An un-informed decision in an emergency situation could put Jack at risk. So this (medical ID) is a little extra security system for us."

Shonda Moore

"Wearing a medical bracelet gives me that security of knowing if anything happens to me, they have the information needed to proceed."