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Is the Cost of My Medical ID Reimbursable?

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Health insurance plans may reimburse you for the purchase of your medical ID. When visiting with your doctor ask for a prescription for your Medical ID jewelry based on your medical condition. This prescription along with your insurance filing form when submitted to your health care plan will act as proof of the medical necessity.

A medical ID is an IRS approved purchase with Flexible Spending Account funds. Since FSA plans are “use it or lose it”, a medical ID is a great way to invest in your personal safety and not lose it! While most plans include medical alert IDs, you may want to verify with your own plan to confirm coverage. Included with your order will be a receipt that you may submit as proof of purchase.

American Medical ID products are registered with all the national data banks for third party reimbursement. Click here to view a list of the registration codes for each of our products. If you wish to file for reimbursement, use these codes on the forms provided by your healthcare provider.

If you find out that your medical ID is not covered by your insurance program, add your voice by writing a letter suggesting that they should be. A medical ID is an important and underused tool which aids in improving the speed and quality of medical care, especially in emergency situations.

Note: You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to purchase your medical ID.