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Medical IDs save lives:

When your patients may be unable to speak for themselves in an emergency, a personalized medical ID can help. A person wearing a medical ID alert bracelet or necklace may be more likely to receive prompt and appropriate care in an emergency situation.

To Request Medical ID Forms

Complete the information form to receive a medical ID display with information for your patients at NO COST. Forms are provided on small stand-up, table top display pictured here. This simple method of patient education is a free way to pass along lifesaving information.

These displays work well for doctor's offices, Registered Nurse offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and any other healthcare location.

Materials will ship within 5-7 business days. If you are a larger clinic or hospital and would like a larger quantity of materials or you have an upcoming health fair or event, please contact us directly at: 800.848.6443 or email us.


“Help others help you. Wear a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace engraved with your important medical information for emergency responders and health care professionals.”

– Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response

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