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Partner Affiliate Program | American Medical ID

Our Partner Affiliate Program is primarily geared towards organizations with physical locations interested in marketing materials and displays to be distributed to their customers, patients and members. This simple to set up program provides retailers and businesses with a profitable method of offering engraved and personalized alert ID bracelets and necklaces.

American Medical ID is always willing to combine elements from all of our programs or create custom options that work for your business.

Program Highlights

  • Co-branded, trackable displays or brochures for distribution
  • Option for unique online link and/or landing page for further sales tracking
  • Commission on sales generated from trackable materials.
  • Quarterly sales reporting and commission checks

Program Benefits

  • Commission may be passed along as a discount to constituents
  • Free and clear incremental revenue likely from an entirely new revenue stream
  • No inventory investment required - no stocking means no shrinkage
  • No time required of staff- no forms to fill out, we handle all inquiries and orders
  • Newsletter content available
  • Special programs exploration

Interested in our Partner Affiliate Program?

Please contact: Carthy Flowers | 713.600.6718

Or call our corporate office at 800.363.5985 between 8am and 5pm CST.

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