Child Safety Month and Medical IDs

Medical IDs and Child Safety

To a parent, nothing is more precious than your child. You want to make sure your child is safe at all times, especially when you’re not nearby. For children with chronic conditions like allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, autism and others, a medical ID provides the peace of mind of knowing your child will receive the help he or she needs in an emergency.

When school is out of session it is especially important for children to wear medical IDs because they not in the regular care of teachers. They might be at camp, at a friend’s house, or somewhere else with people unfamiliar with their condition.

Like wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle or life vest while on a boat, wearing a medical ID is a preventative safety measure that alerts the people around about a potential emergency. Children with conditions like food allergies, diabetes, or heart conditions should all wear a medical ID.

Finding the Right ID

The first step in choosing a medical ID for your child is to involve her in the process. Since this is something she will wear, it needs to reflect her personal style. Our Bead Bracelets are darling enough to make any girl smile, and no boy is too cool for the Epic style. With our silicone bundle packs, your child can change the color of their ID every day!

Think about IDs that will work for your child as well. If you’re shopping for a young one and need an adjustable ID, we recommend our Stainless Steel Bracelet. The curb style chain allows for links to be removed and added as your child grows. The Action Bracelets are adjustable to fit wrists as small as 5 ½” and are completely waterproof. A necklace is a great choice for kids because the size won’t change as often.

Safety First

Your child might want an ID that blends in with watches or other jewelry, but the purpose of an ID is to be seen by emergency responders. To make your child’s medical ID more noticeable, select a round or hex shaped alert charm in red or blue.

For more tips on keeping your children safe, visit Safe Kids Worldwide.