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14K Gold Bracelets

Choose one of our magnificent gold medical ID bracelets to complement your personal style while providing you the trusted protection of an engraved medical ID.

14K Gold Bracelets
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Why wear a 14K Medical ID Bracelet?

American Medical ID was founded in 1994 with the mission of providing high quality medical jewelry that we want to wear every day. Our passion led us to create medical IDs of all different metal types, such as stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, and 14 karat gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I put on a medical bracelet?

A medical bracelet should include important medical information relevant in an emergency. For most of our customers, that is a medical condition, severe allergy, or other medical detail that would help save their life in an emergency by alerting the medical professional to their unique treatment needs.

What if I can’t fit all the required conditions on the gold medical ID bracelet?

If you can’t fit all of your medical information on a bracelet, consider using abbreviations for common medical terms. For example, Type 1 Diabetes can be abbreviated as T1D. If that does not solve your problem, consider selecting a product with more engraving space and purchasing a medical ID wallet card. The wallet card is expandable and provides additional room to include all relevant medical details.

Why do people choose 14K gold for their medical ID bracelet?

For most of our customers, they choose a gold medical ID because they prefer the appearance. Other customers may have certain metal allergies or sensitivities that are mitigated by wearing 14 karat gold jewelry. Ultimately, wearing a medical ID bracelet provides peace of mind in an emergency.

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