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Kids' Bracelets

Each piece of handmade jewelry is completely custom for your child.

Shop our medical alert bracelets for kids featuring durable stainless steel, stylish leather, sporty silicone, and precious metals.

Kids' Bracelets

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  1. flexible leather medical id band for women in black, sterling silver medical id tag with red medical emblem, personalized engraving, classic style for teens, adults
    Sterling Silver Small Flex on Silicone Pro

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Medical Alert Bracelets for Kids (Teens, Toddler & Baby IDs)


When buying a medical bracelet for kids it’s important to take into consideration several factors. First, start with the age of the wearer to select the right size and style.

Medical Bracelets for Teens

Buying a medical alert bracelet for a teenager should involve their help in selecting the right style and metal type for them. Depending on their wrist size, shopping an adjustable length bracelet is a great way to ensure a comfortable fit over a long period of time.

Child & Toddler Medical Alert Bracelets

Shopping for a medical id bracelet for a child or toddler requires some additional safety provisions. We offer many products with child-proof clasps to ensure that the medical alert bracelet stays exactly where it needs to be- protecting the wearer!

Why buy medical alert bracelets for kids at American Medical ID?

Since 1994, American Medical ID has been a leader in the medical identification space, offering a wide variety of medical ID options for children & adults. We offer a big enough selection to provide many options for children of all size, from toddler to teenager, as well as quality warranties and live customer service (phone, chat, and email).

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