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Men's Bracelets

Show your personality with a design from our collection of medical alert bracelets for men. Featuring durable stainless steel, rugged leather, athletic silicone and precious metals.

Men's Bracelets

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  1. 10K Gold-Filled Classic Bracelet
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    10K Gold-Filled Classic Bracelet
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  2. 10K Gold-Filled Classic Red Bracelet
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    10K Gold-Filled Classic Red Bracelet
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  3. women's or men’s gold chain medical id bracelet with gold plate and red medical emblem design
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    10K Gold-Filled Premier Red Bracelet
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  4. 10K Gold-Filled Premier Embossed Bracelet
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4 Items

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Why Buy Medical ID Bracelets for Men at American Medical ID?

The reason why you should buy a medical ID bracelet for yourself or a loved one from American Medical ID is because of the long-term quality, customer service availability, and large selection of styles to choose from.

The Benefits of Wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet for Men

Medical alert bracelets provide life-saving information in emergencies. If you or a loved one has a condition, medication, or allergy that may affect your medical treatment, it is crucial to wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace to alert first responders. Live life with peace of mind knowing that while you have your medical ID bracelet on you are protecting yourself from misdiagnosis and improper medical treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is medical information displayed on medical bracelets for men?

After selecting the style of the bracelet you want, you’ll see the “engraving” step where you can decide what is engraved onto your medical bracelet. This engraving is where you’ll put all your life saving information in priority from most important to least.

What do I put on a medical alert bracelet for a man?

A common format that works well for most people is to add your name in the first line. On the second line, add the most important information you want the first responder or medical personnel to read. Often this will be a condition, medication, or allergy. After you have added all conditions, medications, and allergies that are relevant to you, you can add emergency contact information optionally.

What if I can’t fit all the required conditions on the medical bracelet?

First start by researching if there are an abbreviations you can utilize for your condition, such as shortening “Type 1 Diabetes” to “T1D” – here is a list of common abbreviations. You can also try finding a larger medical ID that will contain more character space. Additionally, add an expandable wallet card which contains more space for important medical information that doesn’t fit on a bracelet.

How do I get my men’s medical alert bracelet engraved?

After you select the right bracelet for you, follow the steps to complete your engraving. Input your engraving details in the fields and you will see a preview before adding the product to your shopping cart. From there, we intake your request and laser engrave it in our U.S. based fulfillment center.

What does the symbol on these male medical bracelets mean?

The symbol frequently seen on medical ID bracelets and necklaces is called a “caduceus” and is used now to signify that the bracelet serves a medical purpose and is not just for style. This helps medical professionals to quickly find your key medical information in an emergency.

What conditions require a medical ID bracelet?

Any person with a medical condition, allergy, or medication that impacts their medical treatment in an emergency should wear a medical ID. View our comprehensive list here.

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