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Women's Bracelets

Show your personality with our medical alert bracelets for women. Shop American Medical ID bracelets for fashionable and functional everyday wear!

Women's Bracelets

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Why Buy Medical ID Bracelets for Women at American Medical ID

American Medical ID was founded in 1994 and remains focused on providing high quality in product and customer service. Beyond the largest variety in metal types, from stainless steel to 14K gold, we also offer live customer service (phone and online chat) to ensure you have a positive experience when buying an American Medical ID product.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is medical information displayed on a medical alert bracelet?

The medical information you input will be engraved on your medical ID with a laser in our USA-based facility. With our high-quality engraving it is easy to read your medical information.

What do I put on a medical bracelet?

You can engrave your name and then any life-saving medical information. This is typically conditions, medications, and allergies, that may affect your medical treatment in an emergency (for example, Hemophilia or Penicillin Allergy). The engraving space is fully customizable to fit your needs so you can include other information, such as emergency contacts and more.

What if I can’t fit all the required conditions on the medical ID bracelet?

First start by checking if there are any commonly known abbreviations for any conditions or medications you have listed, for example, “Type 2 Diabetes” can be engraved as “T2D.” Other alternatives include shopping for another medical ID that features more engraving space to ensure all your information is included or utilizing an expandable wallet card. The expandable wallet card is a folding medical ID accessory that fits in wallets or purses and contains extra space to write and update your medical information. If you choose to use an expandable wallet card, make sure to engrave on your medical ID “See Wallet Card” so emergency responders will know to find that to understand all your medical information.

How do I get my medical alert bracelets engraved?

As a part of the shopping process on our website or with our customer service team, you will be asked to include engraving information for the product before checking out. We then take your custom engraving information and laser engrave it to your unique medical ID bracelet.

What does the symbol on these medical ID bracelets mean?

The symbol is called a caduceus and its purpose is to alert first responders and medical professionals that your bracelet is a medical ID bracelet that contains lifesaving information.

What conditions require a medical ID bracelet for women?

There are many conditions that require a medical ID bracelet, including visible and invisible conditions. For a list of common medical conditions, allergies, and more that require a medical ID, read our Who Should Wear a Medical ID page.

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