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Women's Necklaces

Show your personality with a design from our stylish collection of medical alert necklaces for women. Featuring precious metals, stainless steel, or chic and sporty looks.

Women's Necklaces

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  1. 14K Gold Classic Necklace
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  2. military style medical id necklace with 14kt gold large oval medical id tag
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    14K Gold Oval Tag Embossed Necklace
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Why Buy Medical ID Necklaces for Women at American Medical ID

American Medical ID has proudly offered medical IDs since 1994 and continues to provide legendary customer service, unrivaled product selection (styles and various metal types), as well as high-quality laser engraving in the USA. Rest assured that when you purchase from American Medical ID, you are receiving a quality product and real, live customer service on phone or online chat to support you as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of wearing a medical necklace?

A medical necklace or bracelet is an advocate for you during an emergency when you may be unable to explain your medical conditions, allergies, or other vital information to medical personnel. In addition to the benefits, you’ll also experience peace of mind and be able to live your life for the fullest, knowing that your medical ID is protecting you.

How is medical information displayed on a women’s medical alert pendant?

The medical information provided by you during the shopping experience is laser engraved onto your ID. The reason that engraving is used, rather than printing, is that it has long term durability and legibility.

What do I put on a medical ID necklace for women?

The medical ID necklaces are the same as any other necklace. Although there are some variations in style, almost all will utilize a clasp that keeps your necklace secure and comfortable around your neck.

What if I can’t fit all required conditions on the medical pendant necklace?

Firstly, review if you can abbreviate any information, for example, Type 1 Diabetes can be abbreviated to T1D. If that is not the case, we recommend you search for a larger ID that contains more engraving space or utilize an expandable wallet card. And expandable wallet card fits in your wallet or purse and contains enough space for all your conditions, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, and more!

How do I get my medical ID necklace engraved?

During the shopping experience you will be able to enter your medical ID engraving information and see a simulated preview of how it will look. Once your information is inputted with your order, we will laser engrave it in our US-based facility.

What does the symbol on these medical necklaces mean?

The symbol seen on the medical ID necklaces is called a caduceus, and it represents that the jewelry is medical jewelry. This will help alert first responders and medical personnel to your medical information in an emergency.

What conditions require a medical necklace?

A medical necklace is required for any condition, allergy, or medication that affects your treatment in an emergency. Browse this list of conditions that require a medical necklace to learn more.

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