Medical IDs are a Fully Covered Benefit for Veteran Patients

Medical IDs are Now Fully Covered for Veterans

Did you know? It is Veterans Health Administration (VHA) policy that medical ID bracelets and pendants must be available for qualifying veteran patients. Medical IDs are ordered by your VA doctor and provided, courtesy of your VA Prosthetics Department.

American Medical ID supports this directive and is actively spreading information on how our veterans can claim this benefit:

Steps to Claim this Medical ID Benefit:

*All orders must originate through a VA Medical Center or VA Clinic.

Step 1

Medical ID Order Form
Download your medical ID order form. Please note this is optional, as the form is not required.
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Step 2

Engraving Your ID
Discuss your medical condition with your VA clinician, VA educator or other VA healthcare provider and determine what should be engraved on your ID.

Step 3

Processing Your Order
Your VA clinician will submit your order.

Who should wear a medical ID?

Medical IDs are important, especially for veterans living with chronic medical conditions or those who suffer from injuries.

    Common reasons to wear a medical ID include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Conditions
  • Hypertension
  • Dementia
  • Food/Drug Allergies
  • Taking Blood Thinners
  • Embedded Metal Fragments
Veterans Medical IDs Sample Engraving

In the event of an emergency, wearing a medical ID bracelet or pendant allows responders and health care professionals to provide the best care our veterans deserve. For veterans and their families, having a medical ID allows them to enjoy and live life with peace of mind.

If you have any additional questions about how to get your free medical ID, call us at 800.363.5985.

Helpful Resources

Medical ID Benefit for Veterans
Spread the word to your fellow veterans about this benefit.

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American Medical ID, a small business, has contract V797P-2296D with the Federal Supply Schedule to make custom engraved medical IDs available for veterans.

The medical IDs pictured below are some of the qualifying medical IDs under this directive:
VA Medical ID Jewelry