Saving Lives For Thirty Years

Proudly Flying the Flag, Now and Always

American Medical ID manufactures medical alert jewelry in the USA

Every piece of our medical ID jewelry reflects years of experience working with the healthcare community. In photo: Our CEO, Rick Russell inside the American Medical ID production floor in Houston, Texas. Photo credit: Craig H. Hartley/For the Chronicle

Our story began in 1994 when our founder, Rick Russell made a commitment to make quality medical ID bracelets and necklaces that people would be proud to wear every single day. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of medical alert jewelry and have been for 23 years and counting.

All of our high quality medical IDs are made, custom engraved, and shipped out from our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

100% American and 100% Employee-Owned

As proud Americans, we’re also all united as employee-owners through our established ESOP. When you purchase from us you know that your order has been touched by individual owners who are committed to our vision of placing an emergency ID on every person. It is the passion and dedication of all of us that sets us apart from others who may mass produce lower quality IDs.

American Medical ID is 100% employee-owned

Committed to keeping jobs in the USA

About 50 of us work from our headquarters in Houston, Texas and many of us have been with the company for over 10 years. We manufacture all our jewelry onsite as a way of controlling quality and ensuring that every ID leaves us to arrive perfect for our customers.

Our call center is also based in Houston, Texas where we train and employ about a dozen customer care professionals. When customers call our hotline, they’re assured that their calls are received in the US and not offshore. Maintaining our call center in the USA has given us countless opportunities over our long history to act on customer feedback to improve our products and further satisfy our customers.

Supporting the health of our great nation’s Heroes

We are honored to have been awarded an FSS contract to support our esteemed Veterans and provide them with life-saving medical identification jewelry. Through our program with the VA, we support the health and well-being of veterans who are living with medical conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, PTSD and many others. Through our partnership with the VA we’re able to offer medical IDs to veterans at no cost to them.

Engaging National Health Organizations

American Medical ID is partnered with national health organizations in the US

Our company works hand in hand with established national health organizations to raise awareness of medical conditions that affect millions of Americans. These groups include those focused on raising awareness for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, congenital heart disease, and Marfan syndrome, among many others.

American Medical ID supports these organizations by providing specialized discount programs to make quality medical IDs accessible to individuals who need them the most. A portion of each sale of an American Medical ID goes back to the organizations we support.

We also provide tools and educational resources on the life-saving benefits of wearing a medical ID and how to choose the right medical ID for specific ages, lifestyles, and medical conditions.

Through our partnerships, American Medical ID employees and their family members are empowered to advocate for the communities that they serve. A recent example of this included putting together Bravery Bags for the children of Mended Little Hearts and participating in events such as the recent Superhero Heart Run.

Each medical ID you buy from us helps us give back and support America. So, thank you for choosing American made products, and for choosing American Medical ID!