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Metal Allergy Medical ID Bracelet and Necklace Metal Allergy Medical ID Bracelet and Necklace

Metal Allergies and Medical IDs

Metal allergy, also known as metal hypersensitivity is a common condition that affects 10-15% of the population. Everyday items that are made with metals including medical alert jewelry may trigger allergic reactions for those that are affected by this condition.

Our Stainless steel medical IDs are hypoallergenic and are recommended for people with metal allergies such as an allergy to Nickel that is present in some medical alert jewelry. When you are shopping for your metal allergy bracelet, follow this guide to ensure you get the perfect medical ID jewelry for you!


Symptoms of Metal Allergy

Metal hypersensitivity can present different levels of symptoms from mild to severe. If you experience the following symptoms from wearing a medical alert bracelet or necklace, this could be due to a metal allergy.

We recommend that jewelry is removed as soon as any of these symptoms are experienced:

  • blistering of the skin
  • hives
  • rash
  • reddening of skin
  • swelling
  • any type of pain or discomfort on areas that come in contact with your medical alert jewelry


Return and Exchange Policy for Metal Allergies

American Medical ID offers a return and exchange program for customers who experience symptoms of metal allergy after wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace. It is possible that metal allergy or hypersensitivity is unknown or undiagnosed at the time of purchase and wear.

Here are some tips to help in the return and exchange process:

  • Keep and store your medical ID after experiencing symptoms of metal allergy
  • Contact us and provide information about your metal allergy
  • Please return and ship the item to the following address. Kindly write your order number outside of the packaging:

    Attn: Returns 
    American MedicaI ID
    949 Wakefield Ste. 100
    Houston, TX 77018

  • It is likely that our product specialists will recommend a new medical ID made without Rhodium coating or with a different type of metal as a replacement.
  • Cases and resolution may vary depending on the type of metal allergy or symptoms.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information


Seek Doctor's Advice on Metal Allergy

It is recommended for anyone who experience symptoms of a metal allergy to seek advice from a medical professional. An allergy test may be required to identify specific types of allergens that trigger reactions and to help prevent further exposure.

For severe allergic reactions, please call 911. 

Metal Allergy Bracelet & Wristband for Adults

When selecting a medical ID bracelet with a metal allergy, you’ve come to the right place. We offer many different stainless steel styles for you to choose from!

  1. light blue jewelry cleaning and polishing cloth with non-scratching micro-abrasives and treated material
    Fitbit Alta Slide
    $17.48 Starting at: $34.95
  2. blue flexible mesh sportband medical id bracelet, sporty design durable nylon band with removable stainless steel id designed with red medical symbol outline
    Stainless Steel Flex Mesh Sportband
    $17.95 Starting at: $24.95
  3. kids red medical id bracelet with super hero star design, silicone band with stainless steel plate
    Super Star Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95
  4. choo choo train kids medical id bracelet with fun and colorful train design on blue silicone band
    Choo Choo Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95

Metal Allergy Bracelets for Kids

Shopping for metal allergy bracelets for kids there are several considerations to keep in mind. Sizing the bracelet is very important and it may be beneficial for you to select a style with an adjustable size that can fit them as they grow.

  1. kids red medical id bracelet with super hero star design, silicone band with stainless steel plate
    Super Star Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95
  2. choo choo train kids medical id bracelet with fun and colorful train design on blue silicone band
    Choo Choo Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95
  3. kids dinosaur silicone medical id band, green color with cute dinosaur characters and stainless steel plate
    Dinosaur Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95
  4. kids floral and butterfly medical id bracelet, purple, yellow, and pink, silicone band with stainless steel plate
    Floral Butterfly Action Bracelet
    Starting at: $21.95

Our Metal Allergy Necklace Options

Another well recognized area to wear a medical ID is as a necklace. We offer many different stainless steel medical ID necklaces to fit your style, from utilitarian dog tag to beautiful pendant

  1. classic medical id necklace with hexagon pendant featuring red medical emblem, stainless steel curb neck chain
    Stainless Steel Classic Necklace
    Starting at: $29.95
  2. sterling silver dog tag medical id necklace with military styling, id tag embossed with medical emblem, subtle brushed metal finish, unisex design
    Sterling Silver Dog Tag Embossed
    Starting at: $79.95
  3. attractive gold classic medical id necklace with gold hexagon charm pendant
    10K Gold-Filled Classic Necklace
    Starting at: $117.95
  4. Unisex gold medical id necklace, gold octagon pendant with red medical emblem
    10K Gold-Filled Premier Red Necklace
    Starting at: $125.95

Top-Selling Metal Allergy Jewelry

View our top selling metal allergy jewelry bracelets and necklaces.

  1. Eternity Bracelet
    Eternity Bracelet
    $39.95 Starting at: $48.95
  2. Apple Watch Slide
    Apple Watch Slide
    Starting at: $24.95
  3. Sterling Silver Classic Bracelet
    Sterling Silver Classic Bracelet
    Starting at: $73.95
  4. Lynx Onyx
    Lynx Onyx
    $39.95 Starting at: $48.95


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear a medical alert bracelet for metal allergy?

Yes, wearing a medical alert bracelet if you are at risk for anaphylactic shock from a metal exposure (or any allergic reaction) is a responsible decision. In your other engraving lines, include other relevant information, such as the location of an epipen or emergency medical treatment, as well as any other conditions or allergies.


What is the medical alert symbol for metal allergy?

There is no symbol for metal allergy, so specifying the metal allergy, such as “Nickel Allergy” or “ALGY: Nickel” can help first responders and medical personnel to make accurate medical decisions.


Should I still carry an allergy card if I wear an alert bracelet?

Yes, you should carry an expandable wallet card with any additional medical details (conditions, medications, allergies, insurance information, medical contacts, emergency contacts, etc). Think of your allergy card as an extension of your medical ID information.



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